TRIAS is a design practice based in Sydney, Australia. The studio is led by Jennifer McMaster, Casey Bryant and Jonathon Donnelly . 

The studio is founded on three principles: to create buildings that are solid, simple and beautiful. 

We believe that well designed spaces enrich people’s lives. We aim to create buildings that provide people with meaning, comfort and joy. 

As designers, we advocate for less but better. Our buildings adopt small footprints, but are generous in their relationship to light, air and outlook. 

Our work is equally influenced by local culture and a global outlook. We draw inspiration from all corners of the world, but aim to ground our work in its unique time, place and context. 

We treat materials with integrity, intelligence and rigour. We approach sustainability using common sense, and see the design of resilient and flexible spaces as a matter of cultural necessity.




Our practice maintains parallel interests in technology and craft. We are fascinated by the intersection of tradition and innovation, and believe this allows our buildings to weave into the continuum of the city.

Our design process is creative and investigative. We intricately examine every site and situation to understand the complexities and opportunities that are present.

We design in conversation with others, and work closely with our clients and consultants. Their input makes for rich and tailored outcomes.

We distill our work to its essence. We are constantly refining, working towards outcomes that are contemporary, reductive and direct. 

Our work aims to inspire its occupants, and to quietly provoke change in our cities, suburbs and landscapes.