Hi Joanna and Steven

We are really excited to be working with you on your new project in Double Bay.

To help us get started, here is a briefing document we'd like you to fill out. It gives you a chance to write down what's important to you, and for us to understand how you'd like to live. 

We know we covered a lot of this with you when we met, bu we find it useful to get it all written down before we embark upon the design process.

So please sit down, pour yourself a drink and jot down your thoughts. 

Thank you.

Tell us about your project
Eg. Views, orientation, garden
Eg. Spatial relationships, layout
Eg. Space to read the paper, tinker, meditate, garden, space for outdoor lunches, a sunny corner for eating breakfast
Eg. Kitchen, living, deck, outdoors, bedroom, bath
Eg. Open plan kitchen/living, relationship with deck/outdoors
We always include the fundamentals of sustainable design but please list any particular sustainable strategies that you'd like to pursue
Ok! now for a few quantitative things
You can provide a range if you are still unsure
Eg. Main bedroom, guest bedroom/library/study, granny flat
Eg. To store bikes, camping gear, surfboards