TRIAS is a progressive and yet approachable architecture studio based in Sydney, Australia. Since our establishment, we have developed a reputation for thoughtful and thorough design work. The studio’s portfolio spans many sectors, but primarily focuses on housing.


Since our studio’s inception, we have completed projects across Australia and the UK. We have also received recognition in numerous local and international awards programs and design competitions, run by the likes of the Australian Institute of Architects, the New South Wales and Queensland state governments, and Sydney’s Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS).


TRIAS was founded on three principles: to create buildings that are solid, simple and beautiful. These ideal ties our work to the fundamentals of architecture, which Vitruvius defined as firmness, commodity and delight.


Above all else, TRIAS advocates for holistic architecture that is sustainable and beautiful. To us, these dual pursuits are inseparable and form the foundation of all of our projects. Our ambition is to lead our industry in creating architecture that is thoughtfully designed and genuinely responsive to climate change.


We strive for our work to be intuitive, innovative, and timeless. We are not afraid to take risks but, equally, we are comfortable making buildings that are quietly confident. The most common word our clients use to describe their buildings is “calm.”


We partner with clients who seek excellence, and who share parallel values and aspirations.

About Our Team

TRIAS is led by its three founding directors: Casey Bryant, Jonathon Donnelly and Jennifer McMaster. They met while studying at university, where they forged a common foundation of ideals, interests and pursuits. Their team also includes the talented Graduate of Architecture, Sam Koopman.


Our team works collaboratively across our projects, relying on our mutual strengths and curiosities to produce exceptional outcomes. As people, we are passionate and persistent, empathic and kind. These ethics make their way into our work, influencing our design process and client relationships, and underscoring our finished buildings.


Making architecture is an inherently collective act, so our team is also supported by numerous builders, engineers, landscape architects, suppliers and designers, amongst many others. We also benefit from the support, creative insight, and courage of our admirable clients.

  • Jonathon Donnelly

    Founding Director

  • Jennifer McMaster

    Founding Director

  • Casey Bryant

    Founding Director

  • Sam Koopman

    Graduate of Architecture

Our Vision

TRIAS is founded on three principles: we aspire to create buildings that are solid, simple and beautiful. We create, and advocate for, holistic architecture that is sustainable, progressive and timeless. Our ambition is to lead our industry in creating architecture that is thoughtfully designed and genuinely responsive to climate change.


With every project, we strive to create a building that is grounded in its place, culture and context. Accordingly, we design places that quietly provoke change in our cities, suburbs and landscapes.


At Trias, sustainability is fundamental to the way that we work. It is not an afterthought, nor a catchphrase, but a motivation to be more clever, more thoughtful, and more intentional with what we build.


The construction industry is a significant contributor to worldwide carbon emissions. We choose to approach this reality with energy and optimism, by prioritising architecture that recognises our changing climate.

Learn more about our commitment to building sustainably.